L35 presented « El Centre del Món » at Construmat

Barcelona, 01.06.2011


During Construmat’s last edition Jos Galán, architect and president of L35, presented « El Centre del Món » mixed use building at the Great Architectural Projects Forum organized by Grupo Vía. The main Spanish architectural practices gather in this forum to present their on-going projects and debate about the chances the new landscape offers to architects.


« El Centre del Món », located in the neighbourhood of Saint Assiscle in Perpignan (France), is the key element of the city’s operation meant to revitalize the area. It is a mixed uses centre which comprises a shopping centre, hotels and offices, as well as the city’s TGV station. This intermodal hub is designed to contribute to the urban development and to become a new economic driving force of Perpignan.
The project is structured by a linear axis resulting of the railway tracks’ outline that at ground level becomes a public space connecting with the city centre through a boulevard. The buildings are on both sides of the axis and a large pergola reunites them in a complex headed by the sports facility, the only isolated building with a specific volume that will become a new city landmark.


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