GMP/L35/RIBAS win the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium redevelopment competition

L35, one of the largest architectural firms in Spain, in partnership with GMP Architekten , the world?s nº1 stadium specialist, and Ribas&Ribas a hotel specialist architectural firm, has been selected by the Real Madrid?s board of directors to remodel the iconic Santiago Bernabéu Stadium.

Madrid, 31st of January 2014
On September 25th 2011 the General Assembly of Real Madrid Football Club approved the Santiago Bernabéu?s Stadium redevelopment, which will transform the stadium into an urban and international symbol. Four distinguished international architectural firms were invited to participate in the competition for the project.
One of Real Madrid?s requirements was to ?design an avant-garde skin surrounding the stadium that would dramatically change the stadium?s character, shading and protecting all seats from weather inclemencies?.

In the 1st phase of the competition GMP/L35/Ribas submitted an undulating asymmetric steel surface with notable technical details like a retractable roof. L35?s proposal was the only one to include such a roof. It can be maneuvered in only 15 minutes. For the competition?s 2nd phase all competitors were asked to include this feature.
?Our objective is to design a stadium that spectators will immediately associate with the Real Madrid, while preserving its own character from every viewpoint. We are honored to be awarded this challenge and are convinced Real Madrid fans will identify with its new stadium?, says Tristan López-Chicheri, L35 Vice-president

The aim is to carry out the construction without altering the football season schedule while preserving spectator access and security measures.
The stadium redevelopment will include a luxury hotel with direct views of the football field from several rooms, a shopping mall and a leisure center.

In accordance with Madrid?s city planning, L35 will regenerate the Bernabéu?s surroundings with green areas and a new private underground parking adjacent to the Paseo de la Castellana. The existing shopping mall located in the intersection between Concha Espina and Padre Damian streets will be demolished and replaced by an elevated recreational park dominating the roundabout and taking advantage of Padre Damian?s slope.

The Bernabéu?s new skin will allow the stadium to breathe adapting its flow to its needs, still protecting it from external elements. It will react to the crowd?s stimulus when applauding, shouting or silent while the match takes place, through a unique illumination system. This illumination will enhance the stadiums dynamic qualities. All of which, respecting this essentially residential surrounding.

L35 is an international architecture firm with offices in Barcelona, Madrid, Paris, Geneva, Istanbul, Casablanca, São Paulo, Bogota, Santiago and México City.
Our team is composed of about two hundred professionals, most of them architects, and a series of consultants specialized in all the different areas of expertise required in the development of projects and construction.

Founded in 1967, L35 has been devoted to excellence in architectural design through team work and from the perspective of creative diversity and freedom, as the result of a dialogue with the client concerning their objectives, the context and the environment. The ideas are the generator of the projects. We firmly believe in team work, not only with our consultants but with our clients as well. The large and complex projects require well integrated teams, to achieve a smooth transition from the project through construction. This is applicable to the relationship with our clients where architecture becomes an essential tool for the achievements of the development?s objectives.

L35's practice covers a myriad of architectural forms, projects both large and complex. We are currently working on numerous projects, among which are several office buildings and corporate headquarters, residential complexes and large shopping and leisure centres and other typologies such as hospitals or hotels.

In line with its international development strategy, the firm is currently working on a variety of projects In France, Bulgaria, Poland, Romania, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Turkey, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Peru and Argentina.

Faithful to its tradition (the practice?s first large project was awarded in a competition, the Polytechnic University of Valencia), L35 participates in different international competitions, not only in the countries where it is already established but also in those where it aspires to work.

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