Auchan Betton

Auchan Betton

stage: Concept design

surface: 36.000 m2

client: Auchan   Sovalec  

type: Retail,

Betton, France



This project consists of volumes, materials and technological solutions that respect the surrounding natural landscape. The main aim is for the complex to blend into the verdant surroundings to minimise the impact that a project with these characteristics could have.
The intervention is composed of a main volume and a separate building located on the north-west part of the plot. The main volume has 5 modules organized around a central open-air plaza creating a welcoming space for retail and leisure. The central plaza can be reached by four routes – through the indoor mall, along 2 covered passages and through a northern access leading to the valley. The separate building is a drive-in collection point for goods bought by Internet.