Navimar Tertiary Complex

Navimar Tertiary Complex

stage: Concept design

surface: 52.014 m2

client: Navicoas Industrial  

type: Corporate, Other uses,

Ctra. Azucarera-Intelhorce, c/ Caleta de Vélez, Vial 4 y Vial 5. Málaga, Spain



Office building on a strategic plot of land in an industrial area undergoing transformation, with commercial premises on the ground floor and two underground floors for parking. The morphology of the plot, extremely elongated, conditions and suggests the end architectural solution: a compact building of powerful volume able to be a focus point within its environment. But it is also a permeable building with an interior patio and shares a public square with the business premises on the ground floor. In the design the north-south orientation determines the final composition of the façades and an effort made to make the exterior view compatible with the position of the sun, facilitating the sustainability of the building by natural means.