Pôle d'Animation Founty

Pôle d'Animation Founty

stage: Concept design

surface: 63.000 m2

client: Best Financière   Carrefour  

type: Retail, Mixed use , Competitions,

in collaboration with:

Agadir, Morocco



The Project « Module d’animation Commerce, Bureaux, Medina FOUNTY », in Agadir, is located in the centre of a newly developed area in the South of Founty, precisely in the intersection between the residential and the hotel areas. The proposal, which was conditioned by the topography, aims to create a new city centre. The main feature of this new centre will be the Grande Place, core of the project and an urban space designed to the scale of a city, a place for events, celebrations, and different activities. The project proposes open spaces, typical of traditional urban structures: streets, squares and little plazas with protection from weather conditions.