stage: Finished

surface: 74.420 m2

gla: 28.600 m2

client: Best Real Estate S.A.R.L.  

type: Retail,

in collaboration with:

route de l'Ourika, Aguedal. Marrakech, Morocco



The shopping centre will be a focus for retail and leisure activities as well as a reference point and a communal space for the city of Marrakech and its surroundings.
It consists of three retail levels and two underground parking levels. Pedestrian routes are organized according to the layout of the city with streets, plazas and a central promenade leading to the leisure areas on the upper level. Vertical elements, (such as towers, balconies, façades and roofs) help to break the horizontal character of the building. They also aid in identifying the different spaces. The project uses traditional elements from the local architectural culture in the treatment of space like the maximising of light and shadow, the choice of colours and the use of textures for the floors and facades.