Forum Kayseri

Forum Kayseri

stage: Finished

surface: 238.545 m2

client: Multi Development Corporation  

type: Retail, Residential, Hospitality,

Kayseri, Turkey



Multi-purpose complex (residential, hotel and shopping-leisure) with the desire to become a focus point in the heart of the city, without creating tensions with the surroundings, breaking down the volume and fragmenting the façades. Different public accesses are established on the ground floor and a large surrounding green area, and viewing points are designed on the first floor to incorporate the impressive exterior views of the Capadocia mountains. Around the shopping-leisure complex there are three residential blocks and a hotel. The houses intercalate their position to find different views of the mountains and privacy whilst enjoying communal areas and the large green area. At the other end the hotel has been broken down into two prisms to reduce the visual impact of the volume.
Project in collaboration with T+T Design.