Bella Dolina

Bella Dolina

stage: Concept design

surface: 80.000 m2

gla: 55.000 m2

client: Mayland Real Estate  

type: Retail,

Rzeszów, Poland



Located to the north of the small Polish town of Rzeszów, the project aims to become the main retail reference of the region.

Situated on a 40 hectare-site, Bella Dolina divides the programme into two plots divided by an area of land with no building rights and connected by a dolina, a tree-lined pedestrian promenade. To the extreme north the pedestrian promenade ends in a plaza, the focus of a one-floor shopping centre, around which the retail outlets are arranged. Like the three plazas, the pedestrian routes are generous in their dimensions to allow the tree-lined promenade to enter into the centre. The dolina is in this way protected from the elements. To the south the retail park, organised around the parking area, and the dolina, which unifies all the facades under a large canopy, create a partially covered retail promenade.