Les Escales

Les Escales shopping centre is located on the new waterfront in Casablanca and integrated into the urban project of Casa-Marina. It includes offices, top-quality housing, a conference centre, a 5-star hotel and a new marina. It is designed to be a public space for the new inhabitants of the marina as well as a focal point for residents of Casablanca. The complex is an intersection between an open-air street shaded by a roof of solar panels and a two-level plaza connecting the urban fabric of the city with the Atlantic Ocean, from which It has been cut off visually for decades. On the ground floor the centre opens to the Casa-Marina complex as well as to a large, bustling avenue. The plaza facilitates access to the waterfront promenade, which starts at the Grand Mosque and ends at the new marina. The complex aims to be a new destination and social focus for both residents of Casablanca and visitors to the city.