El Ensanche

El Ensanche

stage: Concept design

surface: 170.000 m2

gla: 60.000 m2

client: Deparcom  

type: Retail,

Huelva, Spain



The southern extension of the city of Huelva will host this new shopping and leisure centre, which, thanks to its privileged location, will add a new identity as well as urban character to the city.

Located facing the wetlands of the river Odiel and shaping the city skyline, the building, with an underground parking level and two retail floors, aims to integrate into the fabric of the city. The project proposes a double mall on the ground floor extending the urban route to the new waterfront while enjoying an attractive retail offer on the way. The upper floor, permanently connected with the lower one, gives natural light and spaciousness to the mall. The area dedicated to leisure activities opens onto an attractive terrace overlooking the wetlands through a generous window.

This sensitive integration into the surroundings also took shape in volumes which are in keeping with their context. The urban facade facing the boulevard is in perfect dialogue with the residential area while the elevation towards the wetlands is more permeable and playful as a reflection of the multi-hued context which it overlooks.