Puerta de Ayud

Puerta de Ayud

stage: Concept design

surface: 31.600 m2

gla: 25.000 m2

client: Bronapur Inmobiliaria  

type: Retail,

Calatayud, Spain



The retail complex is part of a new area of residential growth located in Calatayud, Zaragoza. The idea behind the project is the creation of a functional and aesthetic unit between a shopping centre and a retail park, using architectonic language which will give it a modern, open city image.
The retail park, located in the north strip of the parcel, is constituted by a single volume, and is completed by a singular element located on the east border, while the shopping centre occupies the west part of the plot and is directly linked to the residential area and to the city of Calatayud through a pedestrian walk.
The compound, enveloped in a series of “skins” made of different materials, is, aesthetically, a single entity. The surface car park area, which gives access to both the retail park and the shopping centre, reinforces this unity.
Inside the shopping centre materials such as wood will be used in combination with metal finishes, glass and plaster. All along the mall numerous skylights, created through folds and openings, will create an interesting dynamism of the space.
The retail park units reach the same height as the shopping centre, thus giving a visual continuity and achieving an immediate connection for the public. The glass façades include a rain-protecting canopy which turns the walk into an exterior mall.