Parc Central

Parc Central

stage: Finished

surface: 8.418 m2

gla: 6.736 m2

budget: 10.000.000 eur

client: ING Real Estate Southern Europe  

type: Retail,

Av. Vidal i Barraquer 15-17. Tarragona, Spain



Extension of an urban shopping centre opened in 1996. The extension aims to restructure the shopping and dining areas as well as to bring back the leisure activities that have disappeared since the opening. In addition, the existing commercial offer will be enhanced.
As the centre’s plot is woven into the urban fabric, and its perimeter already defined, the extension will be built over the existing roof. Its integration is achieved by opening the top of the centre’s existing main gallery. This will allow the vertical linking of the whole building, and will substantially improve the natural lighting of the current commercial areas.
From the outside, the new volume can be seen rising over the existing building that, because of its closed image, becomes a base. The updating of the facades with light metallic materials, the addition of signage and the introduction of outdoor restaurants visually linking with the city turn the extension into the new urban image of the centre.
The backlighting of these new skins, which will mainly be seen by night, the refurbishment of the centre’s access and the cinemas’ volume are some of the other highlights of the project.