Ryder Cup

Ryder Cup

stage: Concept design

surface: 3.120 m2

client: Ryder Cup 2018  

type: Other uses, Competitions,

Madrid, Spain



The design of the golf course calls for a club house located in an elevated area with great views and determines the main elements of the project from an architectural point of view. These include the path from the golf course access point to the building, the building as observation deck and as a focus of attention and the insertion of an artificial object in an exceptional natural landscape.
The building is formed by three large slabs that rest on, or embedded into, the hill. These define two levels: the upper one, with spaces for social functions, and the lower one, linked to the course. Spaces related to the practice of the sport are located here. The technical areas are below ground level. The large cantilevers suggest that the field continues under the building, which reinforces the impression that it is an object merely laid down on the ground. Moreover, they provide large terraces from which the game or the landscape can be observed, and which can be used for some events specific to the Ryder Cup.