Porto Olímpico

Porto Olímpico

stage: Concept design

surface: 707.000 m2

client: Instituto Municipal de Urbanismo Pereira Passos  

type: Mixed use , Corporate, Hospitality, Other uses, Competitions,

in collaboration with:
ACIA_55, Pujol Arquitectura, TAG Arquitectura, Pinearq y lagula arquitectes.

Río de Janeiro, Brazil



Proposal for the Vila da Midia, which will accommodate the journalists that will cover the 2016 Olympic Games, as well as for other facilities located in Rio de Janeiro’s port area. It will include housing, offices, hotels, commerce and an exhibition and convention centre. This ambitious plan will entail a large, highly dense built mass, and will have an important volumetric impact.
The design stems from the rolling topography of the city. Through a simple cut and extract operation, the basic shape of the buildings is attained. A grid characteristic of a complete urban model is then applied, which results in several 25x25 meters “islands”. This is a known pattern which responds in an efficient way to the present requirements of regulations and of sustainability, comfort and profitability.