ZAC Andromède

ZAC Andromède

stage: Concept design

surface: 10.530 m2

client: Crédit Agricole Immobilier Promotion  

type: Residential, Competitions,

Toulouse, France



Multi-residential project located in a soon-to-be « econeighbourhood » in an expansion area near Toulouse. The project integrates the objectives and principles that determine the “eco” way of life, which embraces sustainable development in all of its diversity: architectural (quality materials, energy savings), social (creating a community), economic and environmental.
The placement of the buildings around the plot allows them to act as a transition between the urban fabric and the more secluded pedestrian spaces. This also frees the heart of the plot for an agreeable garden with public access. The composition of the facades, based on panels, volumes, setbacks and openings, creates a rhythm that not only responds to the type of space they face but also provides transparency. Another top priority was the reduction of energy consumption. This was attained by taking advantage of the natural inputs the location offers, as well as by incorporating materials and technical solutions that reduce energy losses.