Centre Carouge

Centre Carouge

stage: Concept design

surface: 6.436 m2

client: Ville de Carouge  

type: Other uses, Competitions,

Carouge, Switzerland



Competition for the remodeling and extension of Carouge’s Community Centre, which includes a theater, a social events hall, a hostel and storage spaces. The challenge was to find a coherent, clear and elegant solution that would integrate in the urban fabric of this transition space, a real “seam” between the old Carouge and the modern city.
The architectural proposal is based on the enhancement of the two main buildings; it respects them as much as possible and maintains their preexistent relation. The necessary extension is carried out by enlarging the back of both buildings and the basement up to the boundary of the plot. The new volumes are conceived as glass and steel boxes, pure and simple forms which blend into the existing buildings with an evident formal harmony. A forest of flat steel metal bars arranged in disheveled harmony form a double skin that traces a curve closing towards the interior, embracing the new buildings and thus creating a new urban façade.