Residential Buildings Competition

Residential Buildings Competition

stage: Competition

surface: 20.000 m2

client: Gomera Desarrollos Empresariales  

type: Residential,

Alcalá de Henares, Spain



This housing development has two “L” shaped blocks in opposite sides of the plot. Protected by the housing volume a wide common court provides access to all dwellings and outdoor activities.
From the very beginning two independent phases were conceived: Phase I located along the south end and phase II on the North end. Since the plot is nearby the A-2 speedway, the construction acts as a noise barrier, protecting private and common areas. Facades were designed differently depending on their noise exposure. North-West and North-East facades, with a direct line of sight to the highway are massive and offer small openings. South-West and South-East facades, housing main bedrooms and living rooms, are lighter in construction and have bigger openings with solar protection.