Santa Lucía University General Hospital

Santa Lucía University General Hospital

stage: Finished

surface: 114.370 m2

client: GISCARMSA, SAU  

type: Health care,

. Cartagena, Spain



General Hospital with a maximum capacity of 630 beds. It has all the medical services for its category needed in the Cartagena area and it also includes sports facilities, shops and leisure amenities, thus reinforcing the idea of health in the community.
The building is developed longitudinally, following the main access concourse, parallel to the expressway. This access is a shaded area provides a transition space between the exterior and interior that extends to the roof where the shops, leisure and sports facilities are located.
From the second floor the configuration of the building changes, with the inpatient units arrayed along a vertebral axis, looking south across the port and the city. Thanks to the greywaters and rain reuse strategies, the efficiency of the infrastructure and the closure design, the building has LEED Gold classification.

CASA Sólo Arquitectos SLP