Jove Hospital

Jove Hospital

stage: Finished

surface: 32.635 m2

client: Fundación Hospital de Jove  

type: Health care,

. Gijón, Spain



The Hospital de Jove (with 240 beds and 28 psychiatry beds) is engaged in ongoing modernization of its facilities in order to offer a better service to its clients. The first reform and extension of the surgical block and the creation of new outpatient services in the space thus made available and the adjacent sterilization and post-surgery recovery areas.
The second project the intervention was to extend and remodel part of the building in order to improve its functional characteristics and catering facilities. The extensions are on the north and east wings and in the courtyard between the psychiatric unit and the present kitchen. The inpatient units have been extended by adding three new floors to the central block, and a six-storey volume to the left wing.
Finally the Master Plan was written up with an addition of an area of 20.000sqm.

CASA Sólo Arquitectos SLP