Calle 100

Calle 100

stage: Consultorí­a

surface: 37.000 m2

client: Ospinas  

type: Mixed use , Corporate, Hospitality,

in collaboration with:
Plus Arquitectos

Calle 100. Bogotá, Colombia



Located in the heart of Bogota’s business district, in one of the city’s main avenue intersections, the project will provide offices, a business hotel and a restaurant area on ground floor.
Protected from the city’s noise and activity, a central garden stands protected by the building’s massing. Restaurant terraces and the public areas of the hotel will take advantage of the relaxing garden space. The garden is accessed through a big opening located in the building’s most prominent corner. The office and hotel volumes are stacked and intertwined with public space and an open terrace between them. This playful volumetric layout lightens the building’s mass defining its character. Given its prime location and its looks, Ospinas will soon become a new city landmark.