Nueva Costanera Office building

Nueva Costanera Office building

stage: Competition

surface: 22.400 m2

gla: 2.000 m2

oficinas: 8.000 m2

client: Grupo Patio  

type: Retail, Mixed use , Corporate,

in collaboration with:
G5 Arquitectos

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Nueva Costanera. Santiago de Chile, Chile



This project, with its amazing position opposite Nueva Costanera and inspired by the New World of Work concept, proposes the creation of mixed spaces which will bring together work and leisure providing attractive and inspiring surroundings to stimulate creativity, innovation and cooperation. The design begins with a small plaza or patio which acts like the heart of the project around which a building will be constructed that will bring together shops, restaurants, services and entrances on street level and level -1, as well as public and private parking on the other underground levels. The upper floors, designed to be airy, flexible and efficient spaces will hold offices and lounge areas. On the 9th floor, enjoying fantastic views of the Andes, you will find El Club, a semi-private area for relaxation and events. The roof has a terrace for work and leisure activities with a small barbecue area and a pond.
The geometry is the result of the proposed activities and planning requirements for occupancy and maximum height. It emerges as a 30.6m wide cube covered with laminated glass which will become the final image of the building and give it the emblematic status the project deserves. The building is designed with the aim of obtaining the LEED Gold rating.