Coeur de Ville

Coeur de Ville

stage: Detailed design

surface: 65.000 m2

gla: 20.000 m2

client: Altarea Cogedim  

type: Retail, Mixed use , Residential,

in collaboration with:
Makan Rafatjou, hubert Godet, Archikubik, Espinàs i Tarrassó

Bezons, France



This multi-purpose eco-neighbourhood project brings together housing, commerce, public services and leisure. A coherent and sustainable urban complex, its human-scale commercial premises are at street level and add to the neighbourhood's atmosphere. From an architectural point of view, the vibrant ground floor is notable for its different façades and is organised into three areas: local shops and services, health and well-being, fashion and accessories. This heart of the city, based on a new urban development model with integrated commerce, also boasts a wide range of leisure activities: cinemas, spaces dedicated to entertainment, sports, gym, and a crèche. The restaurants, outdoor terraces and kiosks further enhance the neighbourhood by creating a pleasant and relaxing convivial atmosphere. The concept of the façades was inspired by nature to ensure they blend into the landscape, with trees, earthy colours, reflections of water and the mottled shade of leaves.