El Bosque Spa

El Bosque Spa

stage: Finished

surface: 1.598 m2

client: El Bosque Aljarafe, S.L.  

type: Other uses,

Mairena del Aljarafe, Spain



This urban spa is part of a large commercial offer in the shape of a mall from which it is accessed. The idea of the project is to create a set of open spaces with simple shapes and volumes of stone, where the light, proportions, textures and colours of the finishes play an important role in the relaxation and reflection. The main materials are wood, stone and glass; clear smooth coverings; and stone and wood floors. A central garden, illuminated by a skylight, receives and distributes the spaces (and the light) on the ground floor. On the first floor, there is a water zone with a set of swimming pools in the centre and surrounded by volumes containing the Roman bath, Turkish bath, closed jacuzzi and showers.