Forum Tem Shopping Centre

Forum Tem Shopping Centre

stage: Concept design

surface: 195.000 m2

gla: 70.000 m2

client: Multi Development Corporation   Turk Mall  

type: Retail, Corporate,

Istanbul, Turkey



Large multi-purpose area that will form a centre of urban activity, next to the motorway connecting it with the city centre. The two office towers joined by a shared atrium are outstanding, acting as a visual symbol and reference of the proposal. The large roof covers all the leisure and commercial areas broken down into different volumes fitted, juxtaposed and superimposed on each other.
Three squares connecting the different malls become compositional urban elements of the complex. To highlight the differences of volumes and provide variety to the complex it has been given a sculptural concept and different materials have been used (stainless steel, rustic stone and slate, in situ concrete
slabs or glass).