Polygone Béziers

Polygone Béziers

stage: Finished

surface: 116.840 m2

gla: 35.000 m2

budget: 80.000.000 eur

client: SOCRI  

type: Retail, Mixed use ,

in collaboration with:
David Miralles

ZAC de l'Hours. Béziers, France



Right in the city centre of Béziers, near the train station, a new mixed-use centre will become a major urban landmark for the city. The complex includes an open air shopping centre on two levels, a leisure centre on the third floor with a variety of bars, restaurants and different terraces as well as offices, housing and an administrative centre.
The building runs along an urban avenue which unfolds to create an interior open air street where the retail activities are concentrated. Because of the topography of the urban avenue, the internal street has connections with two different pedestrian levels. This example of an urban mixed-use development has won the “Trophée du CNCC” for Best Shopping Centre Creation in 2010.